Research Facilities

Description of Holdings

The museum research library provides workspace for researchers and genealogists. Holdings available for public use include: obituary files, family story files, genealogy records, microfilm of local newspapers, personal property tax records, and local subject files. A public access computer with a subscription to Ancestry is also maintained in the research area.

Research Fees

  • Admission to research library room is free.
  • Research assistance by staff is $15.00 per hour.
  • Requests for research are accepted via e-mail, letter or phone. Phone requests should be followed up with letter or e-mail with more specific details on what is requested.
  • For obituary only requests there is a $2 fee per obituary mailed in leu of hourly research assistance fee.
  • Copies are .50 per page.
  • Personal computers are allowed in the research area.
  • Personal scanners or photography of archives are NOT permitted.

Turn around time: Research is done as staff time is available.
Payment: The Museum accepts checks or money orders in payment of research.

Research Request Form

Click here for research request form.

Digital Imaging Fees

  • Ink Jet Photo Copy- $1.00
  • 5x7 Photo Paper Print- $5.00
  • 8x10 Photo Paper Print- $7.00
  • Minimum Digital Image- 72-150 dpi- $7.00
  • Medium Digital Image- 300 dpi- $20.00
  • Large Digital Image- 600 dpi- $30.00

For publications and commercial use please contact for prices.

     Digital images from our collections will have LOWCHS copyright and permission labels.

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