Museum Exhibits

The Lake of the Woods County Museum connects visitors with the area’s colorful past from geology and natural history to early peoples, fur trade, settlement and the development of industries and communities.

Early commercial fishing, logging and subsistence farming are imparted through mural paintings, historic photographs and related artifacts.  In the adjacent Annex, early wagons, hay loaders, binders and tractors show the further development of the area’s agricultural history.

Displays also capture pivotal events that shaped the area, including the great forest fire of 1910, the judicial ditching spree, and the Federal Resettlement programs.

Representative homestead, general store, country school, newspaper office and blacksmith shop exhibits allow visitors to better know and understand the lives of those who preceded them.

Exhibits trace the development of the area’s pharmaceutical company whose initial product was derived from the liver of a waste fish and the addition of tourism to the local economy.  

Though located in the youngest county in Minnesota, the history of Lake of the Woods and the surrounding area is extensive and ready to be discovered at the Lake of the Woods County Museum.

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