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baker's cupboard
Curling Iron
cash register
baudette 1906
Movie Projector

Telechron Neon clock
postcard from France
Waffle Iron

Although most of the rural areas in the county were connected to electricity only after WWII was over, the plans for it were developed in 1940. George Berggren layed the groundwork for the first Rural Electrification Administration project meeting and more than two-hundred people signed up for memberships.

In 1941 the construction began. In July of 1942, a diesel-powered generating plant was built and activated in Warroad. This plant energized only the west side of Lake of the Woods County, which was the side closest to the plant. However, Lake of the woods County received a balanced power opportunity when the line construction resumed after the war.

Ultimately, the lights themselves seemed to be a miracle. More than one family reported turning the lights off and on just to see the bulbs spring to life again. Items that were in high positions on people's wish lists included; indoor bathrooms, hot and cold running water in both the house and the barn, radios, toasters, washing machines, and irons.

Featured above are some of the items recently added to our collections.

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